What are our objectives?

To Establish TransFarm as an integrated business model by building world class expertise in the Farm Produces, Supply Chain / Distribution and Retaling of Farm Produce


End to end business concept of farming to table that encompasses agriculture, supply chain / distribution, building of online e-platform for producers and consumers, retailing of farm produces, fast and casual food outlets. The term farm-to-table originates from the thought that the lesser time and fewer hands it takes for the food to get from the farm to the table. More so the fresher, more environmentally sensitive and safe for consumer intended it is.


Engage in agriculture of vegetables, fruits and green ingredients that are mostly used in salads like lettuce, broccoli, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, avocado etc., using conventional method without using chemicals and wherever applicable employ the advanced technology of vertical farming along with hydroponics.

Supply Chain & Distribution

Business of managing supply chain and distribution of agriculture products from farm lands owned by the company or by a third party. The model of the business will be based on building demand and supply intelligence over a period of time and manage both ends of the business more efficiently and effectively. This will also entail creating a fleet of transport vehicles for distribution of finished and/or unfinished food products in India to end customers.


Grow Food retailing business by creating a fast and casual food outlets in India to serve safe, fresh and healthy food that consist of ingredients produced and/or sourced from places where its naturally grown without using chemicals. The basic idea of the food format is to use fresh ingredients that necessitates lesser time in both cooking and time-to-serve customers. The food retailing will also be provided on the online e-platform for registered customers and food will be delivered in container(s) as per the requirements of the online customers.

To carry on the business of marketing and retailing of fresh vegetables, fruits and other green ingredients that are produced organically as per the international standards either in the outlets created by the company or by utilizing the retail shelf space that are already available with 3rd party retailers.